• What is the cost of a middle class lifestyle in Toronto
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    What is the Cost of a Middle Class Lifestyle in Toronto? (Updated Feb 2023)

      Photo credit: Zia Syed on Unsplash TL;DR A traditional middle class lifestyle assumes: (1) two spouses and a child and the ability to finance that child’s education; (2) home and vehicle ownership; (3) the ability to save for retirement. In Toronto, the aforementioned lifestyle would require an after-tax income of $145,804 per year. INTRODUCTION What are the hallmarks of a middle class lifestyle? And how much does a household residing in Toronto have to earn to be considered middle class? First, let’s define “Toronto”. “Toronto” means the City of Toronto. I’m not including the satellite cities in the Greater Toronto Area such as Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton, etc. This is…